This is how it functions

ParkControl is operated with a very small and lightweight remote control you can even keep as a pendant on your car keys.

It uses a previously little used radio frequency to lower or raise the locking hoop while electrical motors change the position of your locking hoop and lock it into final position.

Finally, the storage battery has an intricate electronic mechanism that guarantees you can use ParkControl innumerable times before you have to recharge it and it also monitors the charge.

The electronic mechanism guarantees that the locking hoop doesn’t get into the wrong position, for instance due to ice or snow or improper operation when the car is parked. In this case, it automatically returns to its original position.

You can easily access the storage battery and other components by opening the cover that is closed with a lock, and they can be removed in next to no time. This makes it easy to charge or replace any part without having to disassemble ParkControl.

The sign on the hoop has the standard PRIVATE text framed in white-and-red reflection foil meaning it can be easily seen even in the dark. You can even customise it by adding car number plates or other texts.